IllumiNet Sdn Bhd


    Board of Director


    Board of Director

    • Hj. Azharruddin Bin Hj. Alias


    • Mat Rozi bin Muhamad

      Operation Manager

    • Mohd Azharis Abu Bakar

      Technical Manager

    • Ahmad Zaki Alias

      Technical Engineer

ILLUMINET has worldwide coverage on both Ku-band and C-band satellites. You get the most suitable option for your needs - from the most up-to-date and reliable satellite connections.


ILLUMINET has an established customer base in a range of market sectors - so can provide tailored advice to provide coverage for the applications you desire. Each market - whether oil and gas, maritime, mining or military - has different key issues. We take all these into account to ensure you make the right choices.In the maritime sector, for example, a good understanding of international seaways, regional operating areas and communication needs specific to ocean-going vessels is crucial. Only then can the right frequency band, satellite, coverage area and type of stabilised antenna system be chosen.

Different Frequency Bands

All needs cannot possibly be met by one single coverage option. The same goes for the choice between the Ku-, Ka- or C-band.

The Ku-band was long thought to be unusable in areas associated with tropical rains. Technological progress has produced more powerful satellites and ground equipment that can maintain link quality in the fiercest conditions. So heavy rain need no longer be an issue. It is all a matter of ensuring correct design, proper equipment and reliablity.

Earth Stations

We reach satellites in two ways: from our own earth stations; and through our satellite partners' earth stations around the world. We have direct access to the satellite feelers and ground facilties of international players.

We use the same platforms at all these earth stations. Having uniform procedures wherever we work makes for ease of use and is practical for both you and our Network Operations Centre (NOC).