Lab Engineering & Furniture System

Project Delivery Implementation Process and Activities


    • - Cantilever System
    • - C-Frame System
    • - Free Standing System
    • - New KPM School Laboratory System

    • - Suspended Cabinet
    • - Mobile Base Cabinet
    • - High Storage Cabinet
    • - Wall Hung Cabinet
    • - Service Carrier
    • - Reagent Shelf
    • - Free Standing Cabinet System
    • - Free Standing Sink Cabinet
    • - Suspended Sink Cabinet
    • - Book Compartment

    • - Solid Cast Epoxy
    • - Phenolic Resin
    • - Solid Wood
    • - Acrylic Solid Surface
    • - Stainless Steel

    • - Fume Cupboard
    • - Flammable Storage Cabinet
    • - Acid And Corrosive Liquids Storage Cabinet

    • - Water Tap
    • - Gas Tap
    • - Sink
    • - Bottle Trap & Dillution Tank
    • - Emergency Shower & Eyewash
    • - Electrical Socket and fittings

    • - Balance Table
    • - Service Boom
    • - Electrical Riser
    • - Heavy Duty Open Rack
    • - Movable Ladder

Standard Laboratory Furniture Specification

Casework (Cabinet)

Side panel of casework shall be constructed with double wall of 0.8mm - 1.0mm thick electro galvanised (E.G) steel sheet. Welded together with top panel and bottom panel where top and bottom panel are made from 0.8mm thick E.G. steel sheet.

Door (Cabinet)

Door shall be double layer constructed of 0.8mm - 1.0mm thick E.G steel sheet.

Drawer (Cabinet)

Drawer body shall be made of 0.8mm thick E.G steel sheet and reinforced with 25mm square hollow section at both sides for railing. Drawer front shall be constructed in two layers of 0.8mm thick E.G. steel sheet and shall be fixed to drawer body by stainless steel screw.

Shelf (Cabinet)

Shelf shall be made of 0.8mm E.G. steel sheet reinforced with "U” shape steel bending at the bottom.

Panelling (Benches Body)

All panels are removable and shall be made of bended 0.8mm - 1.2mm thick E.G. steel

Leg Structure

The leg structures shall be made of mild steel hollow section for vertical and horizontal structure (C-Frame and Cantilever system only). Thickness 1.2mm. Standard size 1 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch & 1 1/2 inch x 2 1/2 inch.


The surface is treated by degreasing and phosphating treatment, finally oven-baked with 80-100 micron thick epoxy coating.

Cantilever System

The cantilever system provides a clean space with a hygienic surface area. The structures are generally secured to the floor with no obstructions within the leg area, therefore providing easy access for cleaning and disinfecting

C-Frame System

The C-frame system provides ease of relocation and it is much stronger with solid structures requirement (robust condition) Suitable for School Laboratories.

Free Standing System

The free standing system is particularly utilised in situations where a continuous working activities and more storage space is needed. The Installment of under-bench cabinets not only serves as storage space, but also provides substantial support and stability to a heavy loaded worktop.

Table Top

  • Solid Wood

    Generally used for electrical and mechanical labs/workshops for heavy duty usage. Thickness ranges from 25mm – 75mm

  • Phenolic Resin

    Generally used for chemical utilization or dry laboratories. Thickness ranges from 12mm – 25mm

  • Solid Cast Epoxy

    Generally used for high chemical utilization laboratory. Thickness ranges from 15mm – 25mm

  • Arcrylic Solid Surface

    Generally used for special purpose laboratories with seamless joints. Thickness range from 12.5mm – 25mm


  • Sink – Polypropylene Sink

    Product Material : High Grade Polypropylene.
    Polypropylene sinks offers high resistance against Chemicle reactions and provides rigid stability over a wide temperature range. Accessories & Fittings used in our lab meets the standard and user requirements for lab fluid discharge management.

  • Water Tap

    Product Material : Solid Brass with epoxy powder coating.
    Standard sizes 300mm (Height). Special handles; elbow control type, can be easily controlled by your elbow or wrist whenever your hands are busy in doing something.

  • Gas Tap

    Product Material : Solid Brass with epoxy powder coating. Gas tap is use for lab bench and fume cupboard

  • Emergency Shower and Eye-wash System

    An Emergency Shower and Eye-wash is use to wash body /eye of hazardous chemicles by flowing high pressure water (2 bar) over the user